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YA Reads for Reluctant Readers

Following on from the great success of Badger Learning’s Teen Reads, novels for teenagers who struggle to read, we are introducing a new series for a similar audience, Young Adult Reads.

The eight titles in our new YA Reads series focus on more mature themes than our Teen Reads series, with most set in familiar places such as schools and colleges. Not only are the books appealing, with eye catching covers and the look and feel of a real novel, but the content is spot on and entirely relevant for the target audience, young adults.

Key series features:

Interest Age 14-18, Reading Age 8-9
Dyslexia-friendly design with bite-sized chunks of text
Off-white paper to reduce visual stress on sensitive eyes
Written by experts in developing stories for struggling readers
Mature themes touching on sexuality/identity, family breakdown, friendship/relationship issues, dystopia and peer pressure.
Novel like look and feel, with a word count of 5,000 - 6,000
Modern and appealing covers
Fulfilling a need for age-appropriate fiction aimed at struggling teenage and YA readers

YA Reads from Badger Learning
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In The Stars by Echo Freer.

Jaz and Dex are 16 and in love. They’re the school’s hottest couple. But there’s a problem: Jaz’s parents have forbidden her to see boys. They keep their love secret until one day Jaz doesn’t feel well. Her dad sees them together and tells Dex he’ll kill him if he tries to meet Jaz again. As Jaz’s illness gets worse, Dex is desperate to see her because he knows she’s the only girl he’ll ever truly love. He just hopes he can win over her parents in time to help her through her illness.

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